When you run into something interesting, drop everything else and study it.
B.F. Skinner

From highlighters to organizing folders to notebooks, a proper study session involves much more than textbooks or novels. Whether it’s on the go or in a dorm, some essential are required to get the grade. In the dorm room, it’s important to have proper lighting, a comfy place to rest, and, of course, a study break snack, but writing tools, notepads, and sticky notes are just as needed. On the go, don’t forget a laptop case for all those presentations and essays or a travel mug to stay caffeinated on the late night study binges. Keep organized by utilizing colorful pens and sticky reminders to mark the material you need to study again or simply to highlight important elements. Studying can be just as artful as those doodles in the margin if you have the right supplies.

Studying won’t be a snooze if you have the proper supplies, like a fun pillow or even a patterned pencil pouch. But don’t forget to take a study break between those cram sessions. Because it is much more than just the learning materials, studying can become a fun task to help review or to cram before a final. With friends for a giant group session or in the library alone, the many ways to study mirror the many strategies for memorization and learning that it takes to study. From flashcards to tech accessories for on the go or at home studying be sure to find the best tools for studying for you.

Desk Essentials – Days when you aren’t studying on the go, it is important to keep an organized desk workspace. Desk organizers, bulletin and dry erase boards, a trash can, and a desk lamp are just the beginning.

School Supplies – Just because you are away from home doesn’t mean school stops. Don’t forget your school supplies! These include pens and pencils, notebooks, folders, and index cards.

Computer & Printers – In today’s day and age a computer is essential to keep up with and complete school work. Having an up to date computer and printer will save your sanity when there is a waitlist to use the library facilities.

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