I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?
Ernest Hemingway

There’s no place like a comfy bed after a long day, so why not make your bed the most personal thing about your dorm room? Your duvet or quilt should be just as soft as the throw blankets that adorn it, but your pillow should be even softer. You may be compromising in bed size, but the style and comfort of your sleep space should never downgrade. Your bed isn’t just for sleeping though, so grab some throw pillows for fun decoration or an extra blanket for movie marathons with friends. Transforming from sleep to study is even easier with a function lap desk or support pillow to rest on between study breaks. Whether you want a heated blanket for the chilly colleges on the East coast or some linen sheets for California winters, a soft fabric is the way to go. Your bed should be soft, warm, and clean- so don’t forget to wash once in a while.

Getting used to a new home can be a little stressful- and might even effect your sleeping. A perfect way to unwind and get a good nights rest is to find a few calming home essentials that channel the zen in everyone. From essential oil diffusers (a dorm room safe alternative to candles) to temperpedic pillows, a cozy bed is the best end to a long day of studying. Trapped in a hot dorm room with no AC? Or is just the opposite your problem in an antarctic room? A space heater or cooler is just the solution for finding that perfect temperature to drift of to sleep. Everyone sleeps so why not make it in a dorm room that feels just right for you?

Think about it this way:

Bedding – Everything you need at home, you will need at school. Comforters, sheet sets, Duvets (with inserts), throw blankets, assorted pillows, and don’t forget the mattress cover. Be sure to check sizes as many universities use Twin XL.

Bed Accessories – Sometimes it is necessary to raise a bed for storage, so you need to also consider bed risers. Otherwise, don’t forget a headboard, and if you plan on having guests, you might also want to consider an air mattress.

Bed Related – Other items to consider to are alarm clocks, bedside trays, bedside lamps, and in case there is a noisy roommate, earplugs.

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