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24” L x 18” D x 12” H – COMPLETELY breathable; Manufactured with fabric that allows the circulation of the air inside, ultimately keeping the objects stored fresh for longer.
Multipurpose storage options; If you want to fix your style of cabinets, organizing clothes this versatile and blanket with you is perfect.
100% organic; with disposable bags and boxes, with breathable storage bag. reuse as many times as you want, and reduce the amount of waste which ends the pollution of the environment


Do you have more clothes than you have places to store them?

Are your closets filled and you still have clothes piled up around the bedroom?

Then you need breathable, low profile Ziz Home organizers.

Made from anti-mold, breathable Durodero, these organizers comfortably fit under a variety of beds, even if space is at a premium. Ziz Home Clothes & Blanket organizers are stain-resistant, easy to clean and are easy to pack and unpack. They can be taken on trips, used at a summer cabin, RV or other second home.

The Clothes & Blanket organizers are perfect for use as a housewarming gift or for that special student who’s moving into a dorm. They can even be used in the garage for storing extra household items, seasonal decorations or family keepsakes.

The Clothes & Blanket organizers are easy to clean, well-constructed, with a number of helpful features, including:

Anti-mold, moisture-resistant material that helps keep your clothes dry and undamaged.

Perfect size of he 30x45x60 cm organizer fits comfortably under a bed, futon or other small space.

Has handles on each end to make it easy to grab when needed.

Neutral light beige design is blends with any interior decor.

Can be folded up and used as extra storage in a hotel or RV. Ideal for traveling.

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  • ★ COMPLETELY BREATHABLE; made with fabric that allows air to circulate inside, ultimately keeping stored items fresh for longer.
    • ★ MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE OPTIONS; whether you want to tidy up your closets, this versatile Clothes & Blanket organizer has got you covered in perfect style.
      • ★ 100% ECO-FRIENDLY; out with disposable bags and boxes, in with the breathable storage bag! Re-use it as many times as you want and reduce the amount of waste that ends up polluting the environment.
        • ★ EASY RETRIEVAL DESIGN; with a transparent window, you don’t need to go through piles before finding what you’re looking for. Save time, just peep through the”window” and see if that’s the bag to open.
          • ★ DURABLE; the tough material endures repeated sliding over closet shelves. Furthermore, the strong zip guarantees total safety for your clothes over long periods of storage.