Cold Iron Wrinkle Release Spray for Clothes. 32 fl oz. Mojito Citrus Mint. Plant Based Ironing Alternative. Fast, Easy… Price: $16.49 (as of 09/23/2021 05:34 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

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THE ORIGINAL: Cold Iron is the original plant-based wrinkle release spray. Since 2012 Cold Iron has saved millions of ironing jobs, that’s millions of hours!
GOODBYE IRON: Don’t Iron – Cold Iron! If you are tired wasting time ironing then this wrinkle remover is the alternative for you. Use on curtains, tablecloths, and more to reduce wrinkles in minutes.
EASY TO USE: Simply spray the fabric wrinkle spray, smooth, and let hang until completely dry. Avoid use on 100% synthetic fabrics. Does not work on 100% polyester.

Failure to follow instructions may lead to poor results. Directions: For clothing, hang the garment. Spray approximately 5 pumps of wrinkle release spray onto each side, gently misting the garment using the mist setting on the sprayer. Do not over-wet as this will delay dry time. Thoroughly hand-smooth the fabric to spread the wrinkle releaser and improve performance. Tug the garment to pull out stubborn wrinkles. Hang the garment and let the garment dry completely for at least 10 minutes. Failure to allow adequate dry time could possibly cause more wrinkles. Repeat if necessary for stubborn wrinkles, allowing adequate dry time between applications. Test a small area prior to use. Not recommended for silk or rayon. For bulky items such as bedding and tablecloths, drape the item over a shower rod, door, or similar object. How it Works: Our wrinkle release spray is made with plant-based fabric relaxers that work by making water more viscous for optimal coverage of fabric fibers. The weight of the water pulls out wrinkle with the aid of gravity. This is why thorough smoothing, proper hanging, and adequate drying are important for wrinkle reducing. Over-wetting and failure to smooth wrinkles may lead to poor results. Tips: Do not over spray and allow adequate dry time for best results. Failure to allow proper drying could cause more wrinkles. 10 minutes or more is best. For stubborn wrinkles repeat use or place garments in the dyer for 5-10 minutes. Use at bedtime allowing for longer dry time and fresh clothes in the morning. Stiffer fabrics will be harder to treat, especially recycled materials. Use less wrinkle remover for wool. For bulky items such as tablecloths, drape over a shower rod or door for adequate drying.
wrinkle release spray
ironing alternative that removes most wrinkles
citrus-mint scent
32-ounce bottle for dozens of uses
Perfect for home, work, and travel