A place for everything, and everything in its place.
Mrs. Beeton

he Book of Household Management

College students may notoriously be unorganized but that doesn’t mean you don’t try. At least start with a convenient wardrobe organizer or storage containers for under your bed. With all the busyness that is college, some things need to be simpler, like finding a clean pair of socks in a  drawer or locating the key from its designated hook. Having an organized desk for studying and homework will only help with productivity. Why haphazardly throw your notebooks and textbooks on a sloppy bookshelf when you can neatly put it in an organized drawer or folder. Just like at home, you have one room to organize, but now your room triples as a study room and eating space also. Keep one thing about college simply: staying organized.

Make the most with your new, tiny space and organize every item you buy. Instead of a single-use items, go for purchases with more bang for your buck. Instead of a chair or stool, buy a storage box that doubles as a comfy seat. Now a spot once for sitting is also for hiding away the messy of a dorm room. Behind the door could simply be a towel or coat rack, but a shoe organizer can hold much more than shoes. Snacks, shoes, and electronic cords can all be easily stowed out of sight in an organized manner. Dorm room may be small but maximize the space you have.

Small Items – Utilizing behind-the-door storage, thin hangers, and stackable bins are just some examples of how to best maximize your dorm room space. Don’t forget to place baskets under hanging clothes and add hooks behind your door or on the walls.

Large Items – With tight spaces, be sure to make the most of every possible storage space. You can use trunks under your bed or bins on the top of your closet. Even your seating can work as additional storage space to organize your belongings.

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