Sometimes, you never know what is essential, until you don’t have it.
Dorm Checklist Supplies

It’s time to pack your bags and move out to college but don’t forget the essentials for dorm life. Simple savers like a mini fridge or shower caddy can make the living/study/sleeping space much more organized. College is filled with many challenges so why challenge yourself by not having the most important items. A toaster oven and a portable hamper make the difference between drab college dorm room and organized, fun home. When packing your bag don’t forget a closet organizer to maximize the limited space in a college wardrobe. Essentially, the basics come down to making your life easier and simpler when your on your own. So, pack up the gadgets and gizmos needed to study hard and have fun.

In the Room – When away at school, it’s difficult to run out to the garage or to the kitchen junk draw to get what you need. A few key items are small fans, a step stool, plenty of extension cords and surge protectors too. You know you will need batteries; but, consider a first aid kit and a mini tool kit as well.  Locks will come in handy, a padlock and even a lock for your laptop or computer.

On the Go – College students are always on the go, morning, night and day for schoolwork and for play. Consider backpacks and cool bags to tote stuff around, and don’t forget bicycle locks, even a small flashlight if walking home from classes late at night; an umbrella too in case of in climate weather.

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