A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.
Juan Montoya

Let’s face it, college dorms aren’t exactly personal with the same bland wall colors and fixed furniture. Decorations are the key to creating a home in a dorm room. With wall art and colorful bedspreads, a room becomes a personalized study session or a movie marathon. But, with limited space comes a decorating challenge, so organization is key. Why get a chair when you can get a chair with storage space below? A decoration piece can also be functional with the small space that is a dorm room. From glittery curtains to patterned pillows, decoration brings life to a new space.

Your decorations should also serve a purpose. A lamp or lighting fixture shouldn’t just be for studying at the desk, but also adjustable for studying on your bed or able to dim for late-night movie binges. A jewelry stand shouldn’t just be a taken up space on the desk, but also a decorative piece to catch the eye. Decoration also needs functionality to both jazz up and contribute to the space.

The personalized touch every student needs lies in decorations that brings home away from home into a dorm.

Wall Art and Hangings – Without a doubt, every room needs wall art; whether posters or pictures, a blank wall we could do without. A mirror or two on your door or wall is critical; but, string lights hung from the ceiling will really set your mood.

Floors and Seating – It is amazing how much a rug could add to a room and when combined with a comfy chair, it provides just another place to crash.

Miscellaneous – Other items to consider are display/storage cubes, picture frames, and picture hooks and hangers. Many times, dorms will require “command strips” to allow you to hang items on walls; but, when removed, they do not leave holes or marks.

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