EVERYONE loves a care package!

You did it; you finally made it to college and you moved in to your dorm room! Except maybe you forgot a few things or miss something from home. Now is a perfect time to ask your parent or loved ones to send a Care Package. Ask them for that shirt you forgot at home or maybe for a new jacket for the cold weather approaching. Or maybe you really miss a certain snack item from your home town? 

A care-package can range from just a normal package with the odds and ends you still need from home or it can be a nostalgic reminder of home for the homesick. Pre-made or assembled by your closest friends or family, any package will be welcomed by a college student. Maybe the task of actually finding your mailbox will be difficult, but it will be well-worth the search when you open the box and feel the comfort of home. 

Wether you request speciality snack items because the meal plan isn’t living up to the hype or you need a few reminders of home, like your favorite blanket or sweatshirt you left behind, Care Packages are a special gift from back home.

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