Housework is a treadmill from futility to oblivion with stop-offs at tedium and counter productivity.
Erma Bombeck

Sorry to say in college you will have to doing your own cleaning, but one small advantage of a communal bathroom is you don’t have to clean that. Laundry, dusting, wondering are all tasks most college students never want to do, but probably should. Although, it’s much easier when you have the right supplies. Multi surface cleaning products are a must for college students who don’t have the time or space for separate products for every surface. Laundry is another monster to tackle, but it’s made easier with dual detergent and fabric softener pods. It’s a responsibility to organize and clean your dorm room, so make it easy by having all the products you need on hand. Don’t leave it to your roommate or wait until winter break to change the sheets. Implement an easy to follow cleaning plan for weekly cleaning and tidying up. Remember your dorm room is your home so keep it clean.

Cleaning Solutions – The key to cleaning solutions is to keep it simple. Disinfectant wipes and multi-use cleaning solutions will do, remember simple and easy to use, otherwise, your solutions will only remain new.

Cleaning Tools – A compact vacuum and a swiffer or broom are must haves; but, don’t forget air fresheners and pest control too.

Laundry – Yes, doing laundry is a must. Get a laundry bag/hamper and laundry detergent/softener at a minimum, and consider dryer sheets, stain remover, and wrinkle release spray as well. A drying rack, lint roller, and even a mini sewing kit might be considerations depending on the student’s desire.

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